Occupation n/a


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This is my travel blog and it a means by which to stick to my promise of keeping in touch whilst I travel South America between May 2010 and April 2011.

When I get a moment and there’s a story to share, I write out a post. Sometimes it’s a while before I have the chance to finish it, type it and publish it, but when it goes up it goes under the date that I started writing.

You can check out the most recent posts in The Post from the menu at the top of the page, and you’ll find a travel map of my trip thus far in The Journey.

You’ll find almost all of my photos up on facebook in my albums with a link to any relevant blog post in the album descriptions.
In any blog post that has an album or two of relelated photos, you’ll find the links at its end along with a few random pics from the album.

But, since I tend to take pictures of places and things that I don’t write about, as well as ending up writing about places and things I never catch on camera, recently I have pulled some albums from facebook as their own posts.

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I hope you enjoy the blog!

2010 has presented me with many new challenges, one of which has been writing down my occupation. For a while, I wrote “Student”, but since my BSc ended last year, this wasn’t entirely true.
I suppose “Unemployed” would be the most appropriate, but it doesn’t have a great ring to it.
I’m a gallivanting amateur scientist/geographer, a traveller of Latin America, a backpacker, a journeying Catholic, a professional tourist, a gap-year-er, a gringa who wears lots of sunscreen…

I am certainly occupied by many things, but an occupation?! Tricky. Having some experience of bureaucracy and long forms, I’ve opted for the incredibly versatile “n/a”, or “not applicable”!


  1. No Chile blog?? No Patagonia blog?? Oh dear, better just come home!!